Hey there,

So I've been using the MX500 shape since 2003, having passed by MX510, MX518, G400 and currently I own a G400S. Since the G400S had some problems with the wire (the usual problems that disconnects and connects) I'm using atm an WMO 1.1a @ 500hz..

Problem here is, G400S dont get built anymore and the MX500 shape is somewhat dead, the more similiar there is, is the G402 which honestly doesn't look that.. appealing. I could keep using the WMO but I don't think it's a good idea because it's already a pain in the ass to put it @ 500hz in Windows 7, I've heard in the next windows it's even harder. So what I need here is a good replacement for the G400S.. I pretty much like the WMO 1.1a even tho it could be slightly heavier. I did some research and some ZOWIE models look like a good option. I could try the G402 aswell or maybe some Steelseries or Razer mouses? As I said ive been using this mouse for so long so I really havent tried any other options in the mean time.

Looking for some suggestions from you guys =)