Continue working on this: 70% (81)

Leave things the way they are: 23% (26)

FPSPulse: 7% (8)

I have been driven over the last 15 to dig through and update the ESR code to create a prototype of what I believe is the beginning of a more aesthetically pleasant and friendly user interface. In this process I have also implemented some modern CSS & HTML standards as replacements for long obsolete methods.

I have not implemented the change without consulting the community, because custom CSS files that many use will need to be updated to work with new markup & styles. Any user with knowledge of CSS & basic web development can create a custom stylesheet, which can be stored on the server for access by all users of level 'regular' and above.

So I give it to the community to decide: should I implement changes and continue to direct this development of ESR? The test site can be reached by the following URL: