I've got an offer to exchange my Logitech g5 for one of these mice g400/g402/deathadder 3.5g. I've had the g400 as well as g400s and I'm not interested in them anymore. g402 has a ridiculous look for my taste and it's also too heavy and not so good sensor for its price borrowed from g100s. So I'm inclining to the deathadder one and I need a feedback, did anyone have experience with it? The main criteria I need to know is what sensor does it use and is it any good? From what I understood it's a relatively old model (2+ years old) so supposedly its seonsor isn't that good. It doesn't have to be super good though, I'm mainly worried for the LOD and that it wouldn't have jitters and other noticeable glitches. I don't need this g5 mouse of mine for fuck sakes and I need at least something to hold on to make an exchange.