Stumbled upon a quakecon report written by Russia latrommi (in russian unfortunately). Sort of readable with google translate;act=url
Maybe someone wants to translate, i cant be arsed :p

Some interesting points:
- md and avg stopped practising with 102 before quakecon after 102 didnt show up to practises repeatedly so the last weeks leading up to the event 102 mainly practised by playing internal 2v2 games
- Hox (russian defragger) created videos of their rival teams showing all 4 povs simultaneously so they could analyse their game.
- 102 purposefully didn't hit mercy limit in their first tdm games to get easier opponents early on
- they won pillbox against avengers by scoring an early cap and then defending with 4 people for 14 minutes (game wasn't streamed but was very exciting apparently)
- All the players feel sick of quake now and are taking a break