Hello Fellow haters and lovers,
Regarding my straw poll a few months ago, it was going to lead to a april fool's joke, but i have changed my mind about doing that because i dont want to upset any more of you guys. Anyhow, when i am older, i would love to work at esreality/faceit/dreamhack/quakecon or where ever, where ever i can help out for the community, i owe so much back to you guys and for real, i am sorry. I am probally repeating myself but this is for real. For sure i will have minor rages, but not as pathetic as Laskijs, ^__^ .

Finally, i am here to play and help out, i love this game so much and i will contain myself. Seeing how many people actually hate me breaks my heart, i really love this community, apart from some Faceit admins as i get called a bastard :(

#1 game 1 love, QUAKELIVE and Ze Community <3!
2015 will be my year to rape sunday cups, see you there cypher ;)