Dear Mouse experts of ESR,

How are you guys?
I have a quick question which I need your expertise on. I have been using the 1.1a for a decade. And currently the past year, I have been using it on 125hz (coz Windows 8).

I really want to have a mouse that is capable of 500hz but I dont know which one would be the most suitable for me. Because the shape of 1.1a gives me orgasms while I play and in my mind it's the only mouse I really like.

I have seen some Zowie mouse, but they are like a freakin cellphone manufacturer, just too many of them. Which one of those would be suitable?

Let me know your suggestions. Thanks in advance.

PS: I have a MX518, DA 2007 here. And both feel like a brick to me. Especially the DA. It's super heavy.