So I am rehabilitating this baby fledgling that I found near my car. It appeared to be abandoned by its mother. Unfortunately, it doesn't follow my direction very well (in regards to feeding), hardly responds to anything I do and does not seem strong enough to survive my care.

I have named her Sparks.

Sparks the bird video

So yesterday I noticed this bird next to my car, which was parallel parked near my house. I didn't think anything of it. I came back two hours later it was still there and I noticed cars that were attempting to parallel park were having to dodge it and were coming pretty close to hitting it. I lightly moved it closer to the street. I went back outside a few hours later to take my dog out and saw it was still there in the exact same spot I moved it to. I decided to scoop it up and take it in my house and figure out what to do with it.

I call my vet, they said they don't deal with wildlife but referred me to some wildlife rehabilitation centers in the Chicago area to call. I called a few and they referred me to two people who specifically handle rehabilitating these birds (this type of bird is a protected bird here in Chicago, called a Common Starling). Unfortunately due to the holiday weekend these people told me that they were unable to take in the bird until Monday. They advised me to either put it in a bush and hope for the best or attempt to take care of it until then. Being as I am such a nice guy, I decided to try and care for it until one of these centers is open to take it.

After googling stuff and making a few pet-store runs I have acquired the necessary materials to attempt to care for this bird until I can deliver it to this lady on Monday.

Edit: I have decided to begin accepting donations to help get the bird to Quakecon.