So i recently switched to cloth pads, after like 10 years of using hardpads. Still had this hardly ever used razer mantis control laying around. I bought it back in the days when i was playing with laser mice (G3,G9)

I tried it a few days ago and i really like it for my opticals (G1,mx300&Aurora)

Long story short, i ordered a goliathus control and was pretty sure they send me the speed edition. Then i checked the pictures on the razer zone page and was like wtf. It's actually the control edition. There's like 10 times more friction on the mantis control. They don't compare in the slightest. I don't see why so many people recommend this pad. (unless they like low friction and play very low sens) Is the speed edition even faster? or is it the other way around with the names? (if i remember right this wouldn't be the first time)

Any recommendations?