Does anyone know of any way or have any experience with bypassing the limiters some CRTs have for refresh rate? I have a lacie electron blue 22 iv that is specced to have a 140khz horizontal scan rate, but the best refresh rate it allows is 160hz at 768 vertical lines and below (134.5khz). To my knowledge, given the specs it could do 200+hz at 800x600. If I try to set it higher than 160hz the CRT gives me an out of range message.

I imagine getting around this would require flashing the firmware, which is probably outside of my abilities. I have seen tools for writing to the EDID though and was wondering if anyone knew if changing that would affect the limiter. I'm also left wondering if there is a reason why low resolutions were limited on this monitor when other diamondtrons like the iiyamas allowed 200+hz.