Hello best esr users.

You are all almost as good as me, however I did not create this thread to flatter myself. And I sure as hell did not create it to flatter you.

The truth is, dark times is ahead of creep. My computer is dying and this makes creep very sad (sadface). My mom bought me this computer long ago, but since the monies don't grow on trees, my computer was shit allready from start. It could run all games at the time on lowest settings and resolution, but with time it was only quek that it could barely push.

A couple of month ago, my flagship to quakemachine started to fade away. I tried everything in my power to not let it die! I downloaded and installed new operatesystem since xp is oldskool. I deleted c drive. Hell! I even fed it with anabola in cd-rom. I fucking restarted it once! But nothing worked...

It is with a tear in my eye I have made the decision to let this battlehorse go (sadface).
May he be happy in quakemachine heaven. Amen.

Now, let's forget about that old piece of junk. The reason why I made this thread is because it's been quite a trend to give away monies to quakers in need. And why would you spoil your cash on unknown random players if it's not me? It's literally flushing the hard whored worked monies in toilet. I really hope you whiped your ass with it before you sent it away so it came to some what of use. Jeez.

But don't fear! I'm from with now all open for donations so you finally get a reason to fuck your own life up! Of course every single penny will go to a new computer so I can continue queking and quakemoviemaking. It won't be liked when I trolled the battlefield community the same way and spent it all on whores and cocaine. Good times.

There are some things you need to know before donating though. First of all, I'm not gonna bother set up a paypal account or simular. That shit takes way too much time of my energy and I can't be bothered. If you are gonna donate (and you fukcing are!) you need to send it in cash.. which leads to point 2. Don't you dare send me any monies in any other currency then swedish ikeas. Swedish ikeas is the only monies I accept and while you are still at it, don't send any lower value than 500 ikeas. I'm bad at math and that makes it easier for me to count.

Other then the previous mentioned points, I can come up with an infinite list of stuff I won't do just because I finally got a computer to do it. Like, stream, stop rage and ragekick people, blaming my fps, blaming polaks, hack Nasa, hack ins, stop downloading MLP episodes, stop downloading gaypor... yea the list goes on forever.

Now this is a nice piece of wall I wrote. Let's just get to my contact information allready. And I'm all single too so if you are a cute gurlgamer.. grrr ;)

Here's my adress.

creep, creepson

And my number in case you don't truse me. Or you are a gurl and wanna talk boobs.


This is creep, leader of Boys, the opressed male game community clan, signing off. I hope to have my mailbox filled with ikeas. peace.