for the past few weeks i have been putting some active effort into improving my abilities in cs:go. in my teens i played quite a bit of 1.3 to 1.6. i wasn't really much of a quake player, though i was familiar with the game and had played netquake casually in our school computer lab in high school, and had played a good amount of ra3 for about 6 months. cs had lower system requirements than q3, and even with 30fps on de_aztec, it will still possible to be competitive. i didn't get a computer suitable for 125fps in q3 until around 2009 or 2010, and from 2000 to roughly 2011 i didn't play much of anything on the pc.

i have been able to put quite a few of the things i've learned to work for improving at competitive games, and when things click it is very satisfying. a couple of concepts and applications clicked for me today in cs go, and rather than allow myself to experience that pleasure and quickly forget about it, i chose to spend some time analyzing the game from my perspective and experience, and to take a look at a recent demo to sort of walk myself through my experiences, and make some attempt at verbalizing what is happening so as to better commit these concepts to memory.

there's the video. i have been playing de_inferno mostly exclusively for the past 3 weeks, and this video sort of caps that exclusive focus. for the next few weeks i am going to be focusing on de_nuke.

also, sorry my voice is a bit nasally. my nose and throat are a bit inflamed or something.