The winners of the annual Cacowards for Doom Classic are determined.

With the Cacowards (doomwiki) the Doom community honors the best maps & mods of the year. With the predestined winners also non Doomers can get a glimpse of how far Doom Mapping went after initial release. As expected for me, under the winning mapsets are Adventures of Square, Going Down, Monster Hunter Ldt. Comments can be found in the news topic. Direct to the Cacowards 2014.

In celebration of Doom's 21st birthday (shareware December 10, 1993), John Romero shows off some never seen before stuff out of his archive.

It's a little sensation for me. We see unused textures like bushes/way signs/backgrounds, scans of the models, proto typ of Skulls and BFG, alternative bloody death animations from Marine and Pinky, proto Logo/Font/Boxart, sketches, Spiderdemon originally had a magic attack, dinosaur toy legs were used for Pinky Demon, unimplented gun shells. The scans of proto Doom can be converted to have new old textures and animations for upcoming community projects. This is historical relevant game content that will be used. Doomworld collected Romero's links. So there is only one wish left, please Mister Romero, give us a new map!

Links: Cacowards 2014, Romero reveals New-Old Artwork