Hi guys I'm a little frustrated and felt I should warn you guys.. Admittedly I also had to get this off my chest.

Basically I purchased my 2nd active Pro subscription just before their special offer closed the other day.

Stupid as I am I had to decide on a nickname in a hurry (before the offer closed) and the next day I did unfortunately regret my pick of username.

I know QL doesn't do name changes anymore (due to some technical circumstances - which I as a web developer cannot understand, since it should be easy) but fair enough...

Since i had not used my account yet at all, I asked them to be able to then pay TWICE the price for a new Pro subscription - IF they'd then refund me my first (discounted unused) subscription in return..

I get my decided username and they get twice the money... guys remember this is 1 day after I made the purchase, and the account is still unused.

My original first email to their support:

"Hi S******

The other day I had to act fast to get your offer, so I made a big mistake and registered this account with a nick I now regret.

I have one time before asked you if you could change my username on my old pro account (I have 2 now), but since I haven't yet used this account at all (0 playing time), I hope perhaps you'll do this for me? I'd appreciate your help very much.

If you consider helping me, this account username I'd like you to rename it to: X - this would be my last request ever, and I understand that you don't normally do this, but I hope since I just bought my new (I have 2) Pro account yesterday, that his from a technical standpoint wont mess with your relational database architecture and that you therefore will make an exception in this case.

IF you cannot do this, but understand my frustration now having 2 Pro accounts I basically have no use for, could you perhaps refund me this purchase and I'll promise to buy a new subscription eventhough the price is now twice as high?

Preferably I'd ask for the name change of course, and be grateful if you'll help me with this.

Wished account username changed to: X

Best regards,

I'd just get the typical standard message from support:


Thank you for contacting QUAKE LIVE support.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide name changes to players at this time, as this is creating several issues with players profiles.

We understand that your name is a very important part of your profile and hope to provide this feature again in the future but are at this time unable to say when this may be available. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

The QUAKE LIVE Billing Support Team

Not even a personalised response. Then of course I find it unacceptable and write this in frustration:

"Lol that standard message utterly sucks.
You're killing quake here with THAD bad of a customer treatment (can't even call it a service).
I hate to do this but I guess if you will not even answer me personally and then let me purchase for twice the price and respect me a refund, which ever customer has a right to until a product/service has been used... at least when I purchased yesterday,
I had hoped for just a little understanding and cooperation here - at least I have to paying accounts and ppl like me (non- leachers are whats basically keeping your job alive).
This kind of lack of service is not acceptable and not a way to treat a paying customer.
I guess there's no way around contacting my bank. :("

The reply is just another stone-cold non-caring response:


There is no place in Quake Live or on quakelive.com that states player names can be changed. If you had a question regarding account changes you should have contacted support.

We are unable to provide a refund for your subscription fee as described in our Terms of Use Policy, specifically the paragraph labeled:

"Fees are payable in advance and are not refundable in whole or in part."

We are happy to inform you that our development team reads and considers all suggestions we receive although there can be no guarantee that a suggestion will be implemented into QUAKE LIVE.

We also discourage you from charging back the purchase with your bank, as doing so constitutes fraud. "

What's up with this... threatening me accusing me for fraud if I use my rights as an online customer.

Does anyone at ID know someone in their "support" staff is literally trying to kills what's left of the loyal userbase of ppl like you and me who actually loves the game?

Ps. I actually did contact support from ql->support->change account information, so it makes little sense the last message states "If you had a question regarding account changes you should have contacted support" .. ehh I just did that and they wiped the floor with me? :-)

Don't you think that kind of lack of support is bad for the future of Quake? Or do you think it's a fair way to treat a paying customer?