I have an FK and a G100, i'm tempted to grab an FK1 for long term use, so looking for some opinions.

The G100 feels rock solidly stable when aiming, while the FK... i don't know, it has a tendency to feel unreliable and dare i say it, a little laggy. Not sure why i feel this way, it could be the shape, button lag, sensor - i'd just be guessing really. All i can say is, for me, the G100 is ahead in terms of sensor/mouse control when trying to be precise.

Don't get me wrong, i don't hate my FK and have been using it for a year now, it's just after buying a g100 on the cheap just to test it out, I'm amazed at how much more planted and stable it feels when aiming, especially with pistols, so now just a bit "meh" with my FK. I tend to use low DPI, so 400/450 - 2.0 in game (csgo).

Anyone have experience with these two, plus the newer FK1? Is the FK1 a good step up from the FK?