I dont care who he is if he is the best player in the world i really dont because what hes doing is not right - he has become in less than 5 days ranked #1 in CTF http://www.qlranks.com/ctf/player/Rhllor , now he tries to do this in other team modes as well, this is very unsporty behaviour because if you look at his profile at his games he almost NEVER played a whole game, he always joins a game waits and make sure he joins the winning team (and hes doing a great job with 100% of wins), so he plays like for 2-5mins most of the games..he is basically abusing all games he joins..just check his profile and game details (mostly ctf) for the last week, I wasnt able to find one ctf game that he played full time (most of them are from 30secs to 5mins)..its not normal..