Apparently someone created a bot named RNGBOT (Random Number Generator Bot) that would target and shoot random people. It was quite hilarious watching it walk around the map into walls and stuff. No human was controlling any aspect of it other than running the program itself. It wandered aimlessly around maps shooting random players.

also im pretty sure i got walled by devonp when i went to railspawn later in the match, lol.

the bot connects around mid way thru match. but i do get some sick air rockets that you guys might find entertaining to watch :)

how do you feel about clan arena and how it has devolved into a bunch of tier1 "i just started playing" players invading all the highest tier servers and getting pissed when asked to leave? clan arena ALMOST became something to get good at before steam launched, now it's just full of noobs walking around while the experienced players stomp on them and then get pissed at their retarded teammates. Honestly I don't understand the point in clan arena even existing if there is NO WAY for the skilled players to separate themselves from the absolute scrubs. WE ARE FORCED TO PLAY WITH THEM. Do you think id software will fix the tier system?

Does anyone want to start making servers password protected where all the common players will know but the noobs wont? As far as I can see, that's our best solution.