Did anyone complain about the damage numbers already? They should be disabled in duel, shouldnt they? And also they should disable the tiered hit sounds in duel. Now that there is this classic mode which is for not-noobs as far as i understood this. So it should be possible to adjust this classic mode without caring for noobs, right? So how about longer weapon respawn times of lets say 10 seconds for 10 minute timelimit. As it was 15 seconds for 15 minutes. Those numbers are magically equal which must make sense, i guess, but i didnt study mathematics.

But if all of the latter isnt done, at least please disable the damage numbers.

Another think is, i cant vote maps on public duel servers anymore. What is that about? I am premium, not pro, so i cant spawn stuff which was always fine for me because there were the public servers. So whats the deal with that. I dont want to play on those player servers because they are already occupied! Most of the time.

Who am i talking to anyway? :D Should i post that in the QL forums or what? I dont know, just disable those damage numbers, you who can do this, you know, i mean you. And i want to be able to vote maps again, plz #2.