Copied from strenx's fb:
"Harvey Carman -
Hi everybody, there's a bit of an emergency.
Calling UK players!! (and anybody from EU)
Nicerdicer NEEDS OUR HELP!
I'm Harvey, (P.Zechs) and i suck at shootmania. Maybe you'll remember me from ESL, zotac or perhaps from casting the ESWC final.
I'm making this post to start a discussion on how we can help Nicerdicer.
You might know him, he played shootmania in the final Iseries 49 grand final for Reason gaming.
He's a nice guy, and he's in Ukraine right now.
If you've watched any news lately, you might have heard about Putin starting wars with Ukraine.
Nicerdicer has been given a choice; he can either fight in a civil war, or he can go to jail for 3 years.
He has decided that he doesn't like either of these ideas, so instead he is leaving the country.
He packed basic things, and destroyed his phone connections, and left his house. He wants to try and move to the UK. But time is against him; he could be sent to jail any day now.
He is getting a tourist visa, and then applying for a work visa.
But he needs some help!
He hasn't asked for money(although i'm sure he needs it); what he really needs is contacts so that he can find somewhere to sleep until his work visa has been processed.
I checked and the website says work visa processing is done within 30 days.
He does have cash to buy a visa, and he has an online job which pays him $400 (~£230) per month.
A nice person has offered to let him stay in Portsmouth for 1 week, but after that he needs somewhere else to stay.
If somebody can house him for 3 weeks (until his work visa is approved, minus 1 week in portsmouth), he is willing to give them anything left of the salary, after food.
Any help, even advice, he would be grateful for.
So here I am, spreading the word. I hoped some awesome shootmania players might have some ideas for how to help him, and could post them here.
If you know somebody who needs work done - literally any job, he is interested. He has a good CV, with project management experience, can give technical support, and can speak fluent english, russian, ukrainian, and he can half understand written polish and belarusian. He can start as soon as his work visa is processed.
Until then, if you know somebody who could let him stay somewhere, it would help him a lot. As i said, he can pay all thats left of his £230 per month wage after food.
Hopefully our community can come together and make something happen in his time of need!
Thanks for your help, everybody
Hi everybody. I would never think that my life can change like that. My dream was always to leave my country, last years I almost got few job offers officialy outside my country. But right now, im just lack of time. I've got descent CV to find stable job in video-game indusrty, im also up for some kind of black job. I dont have any choice left, then just ask everyone person I know and who knows me, thats like my last opportunity left. I hope, if I can spread the word, there should be someone, who have possiblity to just a start help for me. Im not asking to carry me or something, im working hard individual, but I really ask you, if you know someone, friends of friends, who I can help with any kind of job, or where I can stay for a month or so, just to solve my pappers, it would be just awesome. I've got some start money with me, but I really need place where I can stay. I can tell you more on a private chat. Thanks for your time guys, and I pray for you, that you will never get in situation like mine."