Have you heard about the company called Razer? They are experts in bullshit claims, overhyped and often misleading terms.
They are the ones who brought us "Worlds first Mechanical Switch
designed for Gaming". While we're at it, please do ignore this fake switches made in fucking 1984 by cherry, those aren't GAMING switches dummy!

So what razer did was take the existing cherry switch, implement a marginal change that no user will ever to distinguish from other available switches and added fancy BIG NUMBERS.

"Ultra durable up to 60 million key strokes" Wow, I wonder how many people throw away their IBM model M after just 50 million key strokes.

It also has a 1.9mm actuation point. This slight minor deviation will make you a better gamer. Apparently?

Bear in mind, all that cherry did the 80s is now worthless despite providing all sorts of switches for all sorts of comfort and needs.

"The Razer Mechanical switch is designed to actuate at an optimal distance of 1.9mm into the keystroke, and reset itself to fire again at less than half the distance of standard mechanical switches. This allows for blazing fast actuations without having the need to bottom down into the keystroke each time."

In short, if you're looking for razer green switch stick to blue, if you want the orange one stick to brown.

Fucking razer.