ql timing trainer

this is a simple html/css/javascript project to simulate item timing in quake live. instructions are available in the html document.


- reset scroll bar position to top of log with each new entry (completed 2014-03-04)
- session personal high score (completed 2014-03-04)
- support times 0 < x < 1 (completed 2014-03-04)
- point values scale with timer multiplier (completed 2014-03-04)
- target should initially spawn in the top left corner of the window, and on start should respawn to random location (completed 2014-03-01)
- add instructions to log so players know what they're staring at (completed 2014-03-01)
- add randomized target and score functionality (completed 2014-02-28)

if something doesn't work properly, i'd like to make it work properly. if you want me to add something, i'm willing to consider it.