I have watched and played great quake games and demos (shitloads of them). True, the most exciting ones were the close matches, but I enjoyed playing Quake when I lost by many frags too.

IMO there's no retreat if you're a quaker and giving up is not an option. Long ago, when tox/fox connected to a 2v2 server, we were excited to play vs them, even if they won something like 110:5 against us. The server was FULL of specs. Their opponents were HAPPY to lose vs them: instead of quitting and/or being scared away, they kept on playing and even leared some moves from them till the end, which is 20 minutes in Quake since, like, forever. This is the spirit and the mutual respect that's missing from today's players. They would rather set a mercylimit so they don't have to "suffer" all the way trough.

But Quake is a lifestyle for most of us. What is better in life? The target we reach, or the WAY we reach it? It's the way of course. In Quake's language: we love to see how a player defeats another, and we don't want to hear who won before we watched it.

Knowing these facts, let me ask: why the hell are we keeping mercylimit alive? After my philosophic thoughts, let's see how things look in practice:


This is a 40 frags comeback. With mercylimit ON, this match could have gone the other way, because psychologically it is truly devastating to have mercylimit on. Ingame we are watching the scores escalating, and we get more and more frustrated about reaching the "limit", which results teams giving up on any change of a comeback. Think about it: 40 frags!
The current Nationscup event holder, basearena has set mercylimit to 50. I think that is more than ridiculous.

Another great example at this vod, second map, purgatory:


There are given 8 (but at least 6) very decent players. Watching them is a real pleasure. But there is a moment you will notice. They forgot to set mercylimit on. Bnx's team member, gohann is saying that the match should end, because they have reached this fucking-bullshit-mercylimit. For me (and for most of us) Quake is entertainment. Don't make me count every wonderful move and frag since that limit has been reached, because even one is worth it. Who wouldn't want to watch winz, link1n or silencep play for full 20 mintues? C'mon, quake is NOT about that. In this case (and in every) mercylimit would have fuck up our fun. That's why I was glad that they kept on playing and didnt stop just because of this newschool, illogical, disillusioning and completely useless thing was reached.

Please, consider deleting it at least in serious competitios, don't kill our fun!