Hello everyone! Perhaps some of you have allready found out (some of you have not) that movement is a big part of quake skill set any good player should possess. Moving across the map faster than your opponent allows you to take advantage in positioning, resources and overall map control which make final victory much easier. Not only because of that we decided to make cpma live cpm movement guide on stream with Germany nekon and cpm tricking legend Finland mew. Although it is intended for cpma, basic principles can be applied in any "strafe/aircontrol" game (QL, QW, etc.). The guide will try to cover all possible aspects of cpma movement like strafe theory, circle jumps, air strafes, plasma jumps, rocket jumps, etc. It is going to be LIVE streamed guide and even you can become a part of it - just join twitch chat and ask whatever you want to know about quake 3 movement (like I would like to know why the hell is someone making turns with forward button pushed?!). If you are interested, turn on BunnyHopTV on Sunday 9th of February at 20:00 CET and watch!

P.S.: Don't forget to check a little CPM movement competition organized by United States of America pakalolo - WHO'S GOT THE MOVES?