So I browsed the Quake Live forums to see if there posts about the current state of the game, but I did not notice many posts regarding fps (frames per second) issues.

I recently bought a new PC as my old one died on me after 6 years.

i5 4670k 3,4 ghz
r9 280x 3gb toxic
16 gb ddr3 1600 mhz
samsung 128 gb pro ssd
monitor: 120 hz samsung 23A700D

So I installed the then released client on it, with my config still set to com_maxfps 125 at the time and apparently com_idlesleep was introduced.

Just.. horrible.. it looked like I was playing on 30 fps or something. The smooth gameplay I still enjoyed in December 2013 was gone. It felt clunky and just plain bad.

So I removed my config and put all settings to default. Same thing really, clunky bad unsmooth gameplay.

Started browsing the web about this problem, and came across the com_idlesleep '0', which stopped the fps from jumping up and down. Then a friend told me to put com_maxfps to 250. Did that and the smooth gameplay came back, but not completely.

When I move at fast speed or take corners, I still notice as like frames are dropping. It feels unpleasant, yet playable.

Still it bugged me and I kept searching on the forums and tried some settings. I then thought that it might be my computer setup, mainly the r9 280x and the i5. All other games I tried (bf4, WoW, CS:GO, Far Cry 3) run perfectly fine on maximum settings (ultra).

So I decided to test Quake Live on a laptop with GeForce 755m (with i7 4670) and a PC with a GeForce 470 GTX (with i7 2k series). EXACT same problem. Anything below 250 fps runs unsmooth and makes the gameplay unpleasent. The 470 GTX can't even keep 250 fps steady on some maps, so that's even worse gameplay.

WHAT HAPPENED? Are there actually people playing below 250 fps that do not have this? It basically happened from the switch from browsers to client (in my pov), but maybe stuff changed that I did not catch up on yet.