Right now there's a really huge probability of it happening in case negotiation is finished successfully the upcoming days.

Approximate format:

- QL duel
- Seasonal event
4 seasons per year ~2 months long each
- Divisional leagues
Several divisions, top div around 16 players. Promotion and relegation matches between seasons. Worst 2 players go to lower division, being replaced by top1-2 from the lower div finishers. Top13-14 play top3-4 players from the lower div in relegation-promotion matches to decide who plays where next season.
- Forced schedule for good viewer experience
First month in each league there's an online round-robin tournament with non-overlapping ~4 games each day(that's only top div, 15 matches each player, 120 games total) streamed in Russian and English by the most popular quake streamers. Lower div games might also be streamed.
- LAN finals
A couple weeks after a month of this online league top4(from div1) fight at LAN event in double elim tournament with a bo5 finals(held at a fairly convenient location for any European QL player).
-Solid prizepool