The new map 'Railyard' solves a lot of the problems with the 1fctf system. The two main problems involve team-killer type players. They either bring the flag back to their own base, making it easier for the opposing team to capture it; or, if the opposing team is in the lead, they get the flag and try to hold it for as long as possible, making it more challenging for the supporting team to capture it. Either way, they're helping the opposing team.

Having no weapons to damage yourself is helpful to eliminate the first of the two problems. Having a small map with no hiding places is helpful for solving the second problem.

As a broader solution, which eliminates the two problems and permits the usage of a wider variety of weapons, items, and map-designs, a perimeter or boundary could be created around each capture-point. If a player carries the flag back to their own capture-point, when they cross the boundary, the flag automatically resets to midfield.

The size of the boundary should be large enough to eliminate tk type behavior, but, small enough to allow legitimate defensive strategies: such as, if your team is in the lead, it can be effective to hold the flag closer to your own base, as a sort of keep-away tactic.

I do like the new map. It definitely shows what kind of potential the gametype has.