As of today it's now possible to sign up for the Quake Live tournament which will be held at Sweden DreamHack in the end of November. Quake at DreamHack is a modern DreamHack esports classic and which we are very proud to be able to host once again. The tournament will feature 32 players who will battle for the 100 000 SEK prize purse. All the best matches will be live streamed in HD via Twitch. All games is played on tournament PCs in a tournament area and the final will be played on one of the DreamArenas.

The tournament structure will be slightly different compared to the previous versions of DreamHack. More infos regarding the tournament structure will be announced at a later stage.

The final question is: will the reigning DreamHack champion Russia evil from team 102.DeliberateMurder be able to defend his title?

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