This is how to create Quake 3 Style Maps to Q3TEST

1) Get a Quake 3 Editor like GTKRadient
2) Get QBSP3, QVIS3 and QRAD3
3) Make a map (Some Items will not be used like the GL, BFG)
4) Compile it to Quake 2 BSP (Make it just like Quake 3 1999-2000 Maps a bit not Modern :/ )
5) use QVIS3 and QRAD3 for Compiling some Lights
qvis3 mymap.bsp
qrad3 mymap.bsp
6) Convert it to Q3TEST BSP using Q2TOQ3T
(Useful for 1.06 - 1.08 Mostly)
7) Dont forget to use Native Mode and Turn Off Full Bright unless you dont have lights in yet
8) Test It and Enjoy

Comment if you like to
Or, if you dont know what to do send me your .map file and i,ll see what i can do ;)

Downloads and Links :
Q2toQ3T.exe :
Contact Me :
For your map to be in my Q3TEST 1.06 Collection with a Download Link Comming Soon as we soon reach 50 Maps