it can be gameplay, netcode, maps, modes, whatever. I want to hear your thoughts. let's try to keep this argument free ;p

going to bed, but i'll give a basic outline of what I want . I might fill in more details tomorrow.

Quake really needs 2 game modes
there should be a competitive mode for hardcore players and a casual mode for weekend warriors(similar to what treyarch did for black ops 2)

1v1/tdm/ctf/defrag: the servers for these game types should only run on competitive mode settings

physics, maps, and settings would be tuned for competitve players.
5 seconds weapon respawns would be a thing of the past
10 minute duels would be no more.
the movement system would be expanded upon
all 1v1 maps would be at least medium in size(bye-bye aerowalk)

ca/ team arena ctf/instagib/capturestrike/domination, etc: would be for the big casual playerbase(probably makes up 3/4 of the quakelive player base). these servers should only run on casual mode.
casual mode would have loosened settings and the physics would be dumbed(strafe jumps and ramp jumps only) down

anybody with any skill or drive will move to the competive modes.
players that only play for fun will stick with the casual mode.
casuals do not play tdm/tournament ctf/1v1, so there's no point in balancing those gametypes for them

If id software were to follow this model, i believe we could see the return of TDM in north america. clan arena players with any skill(maybe 1k-2k of the NACA playerbase) aren't going to want to play quake with training wheels put on, they're going to play the REAL THING. I have no doubt that they would flock to tdm. the only problem with tdm is that matches are too long, so all pub tdm would have to be 10 minutes max

if you think this idea is shit. that's fine, i don't care.
i want to hear your ideas for a new game, it doesn't matter if it's something completely opposite of what i wrote.
hope to see your ideas tomorrow ;p