Last time you heard from us, we announced the site going live. This time around we're happy to announce the TDM Open Cup #1 which is filled with prizes. Top 16 teams all get a part of the 1250 prize pool and thanks to our newest sponsors, Ozone Gaming, the best team gets awesome Ozone Blade keyboards as well.

The cup kicks off at 09:00 CDT on June 30th and features a double elimination bracket. The sign-ups are already open so feel free to start registering for the tournament. The check-in begins 1 hour before the tournament start. You can get all the information about the tournament (rules, schedule...) on the tournament page. Stream information will be added during the next few days. Also, please hop by our mIRC irc channel if you have any additional questions.

Last, but not the least, seeing how there was a lot of misunderstanding on what "free" means when it comes to ESA tournaments and how subscriptions are going to work, please check out the extensive interview that HolySh1t guys did with Didge (ESA director). You will find all the answers to your questions there.

Links: Tournament page (a.k.a. official announcement), Ozone Gaming, Interview with Didge, mIRC #esa