anyone ever got to play one or remember hearing about it? i recall hearing word of a cabinet coming out, but i never got to see it until now.
looks like it could been fun had there been a server or link between two machines

Quake Arcade Tournament Edition (Updated)
This press release (thanks HarPax) describes an updated version of the Quake arcade machines from LBE called the "Tournament Edition" that brings the deathmatch level, "The Edge" to arcades. Disruptor sent along a clarification of how that differs from the Quake II level The Edge:

Actually, The Edge included in the arcade version *IS* the same version included in Quake II, but it was converted by Tim Willits for use in the Arcade version. You won't find that version available for Quake I anywhere else.

Tim, Brandon and myself had a chance to head over to the local GameWorks a couple weeks ago to see it in action, and it's a hoot.