Last year I raised almost half a million dollars of VC money to start a company in the gaming industry. Our mission is to centralize online gaming. That means bringing together all the aspects of gaming into one centralized app.

Things like:

1. Purchasing and downloading digital images of games
2. Next generation tournament platform
3. VoIP (Ventrilo/Mumble functionality)
4. Messaging (Xfire style functionality)
5. Streaming platform
6. Game server hosting
7. Betting on the outcome of matches

At the end of the day we really just want to build a community for gamers that makes gaming online more fun.

We are also trying to help sponsors/teams be profitable. We are doing this by creating an online e-commerce store they can sell their products in and promote by sponsoring teams and players. The end result will be sponsors and players make more money.

We are around half we through the project and I would like to ask ESR and the quake community if they would be interested in testing the product before it is released to the public.

We will be supporting games like League of Legends and SC2 that have millions of players but before we go mainstream with the product I think it would be nice to have a closed beta. Quake players seem like the perfect fit because they are generally older and remember when competitive gaming was not a joke.

Let me know what you think.

Thank you for your time.

Jonathan Ochs
CEO http://pointgaming.com