So as you can tell I really like the FragTV concept, and have decided to run an experiment to see if players are interested in helping out the project, which will in turn hopefully keep the development going. I would love to see non stop games on the server to truly test the program to see if any major bugs pop up that we can relay to the author of the program.

I have set aside my streaming rig when not doing live shows to continuously run a FragTV server. At this moment I have decided to run a QL server located in Chicago named "Targetquake FragTV". This is all to support the project and hopefully we will see further developments with it.

I am hoping that this will spark some interest from the duel community to play some of their games on the server in order to give the viewing community a chance to watch matches with High Quality graphics on wolfcam with whatever favorite config they have. If you want a config to use in wolfcam here is a post started by He4rTL3sS.

The main reason for FragTV is to have an option for people who get lagg on twitch to watch a stream with HQ graphics so lets hope this is the answer. If you are interested in watching the live stream demos then grab the FragTV download here. Dont forget you need wolfcam also which you can get here. Remember you need to copy paste all the QL maps from your QL folder into your baseq3 folder of your wolfcam. You can put wolfcam anywhere it will run anywhere.

Targetquake FragTV

Cheers and go play some games.