We're now collecting duel demos (other game types coming soonish) for any ranked match in the qlranks.com database. The aim is to create a permanent repository of quakelive demos.

The QLRANKSTV bot automatically updates the players it spectates at the end of a match, then uploads the demo to qlranks.com

If you would like to upload demos to the site it can be performed via two ways:

http://www.qlranks.com/demo/upload/ - Self explanatory.

The other method is via the QLRanks demo uploading tool -> https://sourceforge.net/projects/qlrdemouploader/

This is an open source application (feel free to tear it apart, I wrote it yesterday in a few hours) that will do a number of things.

1. If you drag files into the main window, and click process queue, it will upload the demos.

2. If you enable it, it will monitor your quakelive demo folder and automatically upload new demos as they are created (after the match finishes). It will also automatically update the qlranks.com database for the players in the duel database. I.e. if you let it upload your demos it WILL automatically update your elo after every completed game.

Note - this application is exactly the same one that the TV bot uses.

I hope some people use this, particularly in tournaments/lans as it will make demos available immediately.