The 2nd group stage of the 125 FPS May League starts on the 20th of May.
Four groups with 5 players will be played, three players will pass to playoff stage (top12). 1st group's places wil be put directly to 1/4 playoff's slots, 2nd and 3rd - to 1/8 playoff slots.
All matches are BO3, drop first, cointoss loser starts to drop, start at 11:00 CDT.

Stream: United Kingdom Zoot, Russia 125fps ( with baSe_), France aaaTV, aaa
Cup Admins: Yavich, Nico, Rell, Xron (search on IRC or write to
Links: United Kingdom Full Announce Russia Cup Website, Application // mIRC #125fps, cup's stats, France announce, QRound, 1GRound
Fixtures: Group A2-D2