1. They don't even require you to verify your email. WTF? true story
2. Most people can change their ip address on the fly every 24-48 hours in their router.
3. in windows 7, if on ethernet, you can manually change your mac address to w/e the hell you want.
4. you can download a program from microsoft to change your volume id and you windows id. You can easily change your vid card id...and use diff drivers.

and i think i proved these points to id over the past week or two. Today i just changed my ip so i could post on the forums i was just ip banned from. That loser admin knows the deal now.

the only way to better effectively ban someone is to ask for credit card numbers and link them to cell phone numbers....that you text activation account numbers to.

but id doesn't care. all they care about is what the housewives of this game think.

i got banned from this game by a bunch of housewives that id employees are infatuated with. All because i don't want to friend a bunch of hackers on facebook.

to me hackers are poison for this industry whether they are botting in game or not. And these little nerds threatening to hack me...and virusing my pc and hacking my facebook only proves my point.

game is full of housewives...old disabled people, delusional complacent nerds and malicious hackers.....that could care less about competitive matches.

there is nothing hardcore about stacking teams and quitting games. where the biggest clans are run by girls who are the complete opposite of hardcore and competitive lol.

pretty much explains why this game is so unpopular.

in lol the ban for :
1. slumming
2. alting
3. quitting

Its a shame the housewives that run quakelive don't approve of these measures.

Quakelive.....the game for housewives....lol