Scheduled: 08:00 CDT, 5 May 2013 to 18:00 CDT, 5 May 2013
Schedule: Passed

Our third Spring Season Cup last week saw the return of form of evil, who managed to take out Cypher in a tense five-map grand final. He became the second FACEIT Quake Live Spring Season winner, after Cooller won the first two.

This Sunday the FACEIT Sunday Spring Cup #4 will take place. It will be kicking off at 08:00 CDT, while check-ins open at 07:00 CDT. You can currently already sign-up.

We are back with the stream this week on FACEIT TV with United Kingdom Daniel "ddk" Kapadia and Italy Alessandro "Stermy" Avallone, who will be going live at 08:30 CDT.

This cup will be followed by the FACEIT Quake Live North America Spring Cup #1, with some of the major current sign-ups being DaHanG, apparition, id_ and cha0ticz. You can still sign-up for the NA Cup of course. It will start at 13:00 CDT, with check-ins going open at 12:00 CDT

Stream: United Kingdom FACEIT TV
Links: Bracket // mIRC #FACEIT, Facebook FACEITCommunity, Twitter @FACEIT
Notable sign-ups: Russia Cooller, Russia evil, Russia pavel, Russia agent, United States of America czm, Belgium dem0n, Spain p0ni, Lithuania guard, France strenx, Poland matr0x, Germany twister,