Hi, I've been using a g500 for a few years now, and I kind of dislike the braided cable and apparently, there's a small positive acceleration on it. I've been thinking about getting the razer abyssus, but it only has three DPI settings: 450, 1800, 3500 dpi.
I'm currently playing on 1360x768-ish resolution, so 450 is way too low, and 1800 is way too high. I usually play at 900 DPI.
How can I make it so that I can get the feeling of 900 DPI without losing any precision? Will changing the sensitivity in the razer driver, not the windows settings, affect my precision?
Also, I heard the razer abyssus has some jittering issues. Is there any way that I can tell whether my abyssus will or will not have the jittering issue?