With the launch of the WGA Network, we are gearing up for the 2013 season in a very big way! We are supporting ALL Quake Live Mods in our second season. We have prize money for all the divisions plus prizes throughout the season and if we have enough teams we will be doing casual and Pro Divisions so
that those players that play casually can also participate. We try to stream ALL of our games to give our sponsors the exposure they deserve and also to give the players the exposure they deserve as well. If you are interested in joining and of our leagues for the 2013 season, please go to www.worldgamersarena.com get yourself registered then click on ADD Group and add your clan to the site (If it has not already been added). Then invite all of your players to the WGA website or any of our network sites and have them register. Keep in mind that the WGA Network is a "social community" for all of your clan members, not just for the competitors. You'll want to invite everyone so they can support your team in the leagues.
All of your clan members will have access to your own private clan forums, chat, player cards and stats, game stats, live game broadcasts and so much more! Our goal here at the WGA is to bring the social aspects of this game together with the competitive systems to create a clan, community and fan
support system for our players and teams. We hope you enjoy the experience and we look forward to an exciting 2013 season - and beyond!

Links: WGA,
Twitter, reaper@worldgamersarena.com,