found this news about Fortress Forever on moddb, maybe some of you is interested in watching or compete in it (ff is very similar to team fortress classic, but its a free source mod):

"First of all, at long last, Fortress Forever has been submitted to Steam Greenlight. If FF gets Greenlit, you would be able to install and update Fortress Forever through Steam like you would a commercial game. Because Fortress Forever is still being actively developed, this is actually a big deal. It would both make it easier for players to install and update the game and easier for us to release updates.

Please feel free to encourage your friends to vote for FF on Greenlight.

Secondly, FF.Pickup will be hosting a league/tournament with $1000 in total prizes starting February 1st, 2013. The format will be 4v4 Offense vs Defense (pickup-style, you can learn more by reading the league rules), with an 8-week season used to determine seeding for the proceeding playoff tournament with $1000 in prizes up for grabs.

Get more information and register your team at and/or discuss it on the forums in this thread.

NOTE: Sign ups close soon, so act fast.