It's a little awkward to make such a topic at a gaming site, but there are so many people here living in Europe. I would value your advice and knowledge, which is what I really need now.

The situation is as follows. I've known one girl for a very very long time, I couldn't even name for how long that's how long it was. She lives in Vienna. Some time ago, maybe two years ago or more, we tried to make something happen for us to live together. But it's complicated.

The issue is mostly the language barrier. If I move to Vienna which job could I get, without speaking German? She tells me Austria is quite a paradise and even if you don't have a job you still can rent an apartment with the money the government pays jobless people. But maybe she exaggerates it, since she mostly lives off her parents' money. In any case I couldn't even work as a market vendor without knowing German, so I'd have to sweep the streets or something until I learnt it. I'm ok with that, I don't need much money, just enough for life. But it MUST be enough, and I don't know if it would be enough to support two people (or more) if I work low-paid jobs all my life.

If she moves to Russia... Well, that's worse, Russian is a very difficult language, and I doubt she could ever learn it enough to work here. So I'd be the only source of income. I know that life in Russia depends on which city it is, but in mine it's bad. Right now I can't earn enough for two people, and the governmental money is nominal and useless, you couldn't even pay half of your apartment fee from it. Basically she says she doesn't care that her quality of life plummets if she moves here, but I suspect it would be worse than simply average. Even by local standards. We could face real hardships in case of me being fired or something, even in terms of buying enough food.

Another option we thought about was to go to UK. We both speak English. But can two people work low-paid jobs actually live in UK, without civilianship? Like, rent an apartment and live without fear for future in all respects (enough money for a visit to a doctor or dentist, enough for food, etc.)?

So about a year ago we stopped talking about it. I pretty much decided that our destiny is to never live together, this way both of us will be better off. But time goes on and on, and I can't meet anybody else I'd like to live with, as well as she. This brings back desperate thoughts about how the situation could be tweaked.

I would really appreciate it if somebody from Europe told me about future prospects of people who:

1) don't know the language: can they live off of government money while they learn it (realistically, without any other financial help); which job could they find once they learn the language a little and would it pay enough for life? (would be nice to know about Austria specifically, or Germany, or Poland - since she's Polish in nationality and could move there, too)

2) know the language, and it's English, and the country is either UK or Australia. Our education would hardly be of worth and we'd both be foreigners to native people, so can two people with low-paying jobs earn enough to rent an apartment and have no other issues at all?