...there isn't something like IRC embedded in the QL main site.
I mean, is it so hard to implement a global chat (and regional ones too) in order to organize games together and then join servers according to people availability?

In my opinion this is a useful, if not necessary, feature that should have been done from day 1, because only a small part of the player base knows the existence of IRC (and anyway pickups are not the kind of matches aimed at unexperienced people) and also because the main innovation of QL is the centralization of resources.

There are plenty of advantages if regional (or one for each location) chat rooms were implemented:
- less time wasted idling in an empy server
- pro players can spam invites or sponsor their servers
- organize teamgames (NO CA :D) in a small location (i.e. milan)
.... and a lot more that i can't remember right now.

tl;dr ---> no embedded GLOBAL or REGIONAL chat in quakelive.com, why?