-Claw Grip
-Must be comfortable
-Qck Heavy
-Small Hands
-Must have decent tracking

I've been using a Razer Naga Hex for MMOs, but recently my focus has shifted onto LOL (along with a bit of CSGO). I've been finding the glossy finish on the Naga Hex to be terrible and as a result I am now on the market for a new mouse. One thing I do like about the Naga Hex however is the ring finger rest, however it does not seem very common in gaming mouses.

I was looking at the Naga 2013 edition for the claw ring finger option(since I do like that - I know that the tracker is not as good for FPSes.

What would you guys suggest for the best combo of comfort and tracking? Due to the fact that I mainly play LOL, I definitely prioritize comfort over tracking, so please keep that in mind.