I have a new* duel idea for quake or deathmatch dueling in general.

It is a mix of CA and duel based on round limits.

Firstly there are 3 rounds of 5 minute duels.

If you win 2 rounds you win the match.

The rounds are all the same as normal duel, however at 5 minutes both of you respawn and play the next round, but the scores stay as they were. So if you are 5-0 in score for the first round. The second round starts and both of you respawn but it is still 5-0 in score.

This is to give a fresh start and the down player can get map control.

Now this would SUCK to have the round start over when the down player already has map control and is owning and making a comeback, so an icon pops up and they can choose to have the next round be a respawn or keep playing without a respawn for both players. This is because the down player already lost 1 round (first 5 minutes) If they make a come back at 10 minutes, then they play another 5 minutes (tie breaker) depends on the down player this time choosing a respawn round or just to play straight through.

Now if the scores are tied in the first round, then it will be a normal 10 minute game.

Basically this is so the down player can have more of a chance to get map control and has more decisions on how to play each 5 minutes of the game.

I've seen way too many comebacks on a roll that stop short because of time constraints and too many games that have been decided by the first spawn on the map.

There will be a lot of psychological plays based on this, like if you are up 5-4 and don't want a respawn on the map because you know all the timings and the enemy doesn't so you jump into the lava to make it 4-4 and the game becomes 10 minutes only.

Or if you are tied and you let the enemy frag you, so you can be the down player and then respawn both players because you were losing map control and had no idea on the timings.

what you guys think?