There are many ways to acquire plusses, I'm just gonna list a few.

- Contribute to the community
This one is both the easiest and hardest to do. It's easy, because there's nothing to it. You post news items, collumns, articles, movies, and so on. However, you have to be in a certain position to do most of these. For example, roychez being some communication guy for FACEIT gets to post everything related to it, same goes with ins and Adroits. What everyone can do is write collumns and post movies, but for this you need to be a good writer or a moviemaker, and also post stuff quite frequently.

- Have strong opinions
If you have strong opinions and express them through comments chances of it getting plussed is pretty high. Even if 75% of the people doesn't agree with you, the 25% will plus you because you represent their opinions. However, you have to be careful, because it only works as long as there are people who agree with you, otherwise you will just be labeled as a mentally ill person like CooloutAC or raythenoob.

- Be funny
This one may sound easy but it's actually one of the hardest ways. Firstly, because everyone thinks of themself as a funny guy. In reality, the number of actual funny people is really low, so the chances are that you're delusional about your own funniness. Secondly, you have to be CONSTANTLY funny, which is even harder. Stand-up comedians get paid to be constantly funny, because it's like a full-time job.

- Be a Quake-celebrity
If you are a celebrity, let's say, you're fazz, then there's an increased chance of getting plussed. The same post posted by some unknown guy and a celebrity would have a huge % difference. Take for example GUArd who has completely average posts and still rocks a 78% popularity. If he was an unknown player he'd receive about 1/4 of his current plusses.

- Be Memento_Mori
This is a subcategory of being a Quake-celebrity. If you reach the level of Memento_Mori you can basically post anything and it will get plussed. However, the amount of contribution to the community needed to reach this level is so high that so far only one person is known to have reached it. His name is Memento_Mori.

- Don't post un-plus-worthy stuff
If 75% of your posts are trash, people will see you as trash. To keep your prestige, you have to be careful what you post, and only post stuff that has a realistic chance of getting plussed. High prestige means people will not only plus you, but they will actually be thankful that they had the chance to plus you.

- Kiss some ass
Some moviemakers are so full of themselves that they will plus every positive comment about their movie. Finding these insecure people is like finding gold mines. You can milk their plusses for a long time with just a few nice words.

- Post half-naked Cooller pictures
Always works.