Greetings fellow habitants of ESR.

Shortly upon arriving at this unique and multicultural hub of Quake and all things Quake related, it came to my attention that it's freedom of speech was being abused by a certain lifeless being. Seeing something so
beautiful be ruined by something so ugly was unsettling to say the least.

My newfound objective was to cleanse ESR of this cancer. With
Jamerio never being one to admit defeat, and me failing to make him realize that his life was not heading in the right direction, the only way to achieve this cleansing would be to drag him down with me on an endless avalanche of pointless crap spanning several threads, until we were both inevitably put on probation.

I apologize for defacing the aforementioned threads, but I think it was well worth it, and some of you have no doubt found them to be highly amusing, as I have, providing some classic moments of
self-ownage . While I don't expect him to remain on probation forever, I can only hope, for the benefit of ESR and Quakekind, that it will be a very very very long probation indeed.

And now, I shall disappear.

The boys are back in town!