Its very cheap.

Here is the math on my account!
Member since: 1-27-2011
Todays date: 7-27-2012
Duration: 18 months
Total time played: 1 month

Invested Cost: $24 per 12 months (18 months means $36)

1 month x (30 days per month) x ( 1440 minutes per day) = 43200 minutes played

$36/43200 minutes mean quake costs me .083 cents per minute.
(3600 cents / 43200 minutes)

Less then 1 cent per mintue for hours of battle you cheap bastards!
Or about 5 cents an hour.


I have zero bugs
I have no netcode problems
I can get a game at any time of the day (in any mode)
I enjoy this game
I have fun with this game
I have met a lot of nice ppl on this game
I understand the dev team hasn`t been around for a while because they are helping to get another game finished on time,one that will actually earn them some money.
I am happy

That is my statement. [+] if you agree.

Thanks for reading.