Third and final day of DreamHack Summer 2012 is tomorrow. There's 4 games left to be played and the first semi final is starting at 05:00 CDT, 18 June 2012. This is of course followed by the second semi final, bronze game and grand final. The games will be played one by one so you guys can follow all of them.

More information can be found in the ESR DreamHack Summer 2012 Coverage post. There's also a tournament website with the groups and brackets.

Kingston Quake Live Summer Championship

Waiting for Demos and Configs!

Thanks to Dreamhack, the sponsors Kingston HyperX & Twitch.TV, the players, all the shoutcasters on the various streams and the whole Dreamhack Quakelive team for a perfectly run tournament!

Demos: Group A+B, grand final - demos esr / quakehistory - Collected demos and configs
Vods: semi-finals and 3rd place, grand final @ 4:47
Pictures and videos: from Sweden hydde and France Infuscomus, sk gaming Rapha interview, esportsfrance Cypher interview
Coverage International: France esportsfrance, Germany derquaker, United Kingdom jeesports
Coverage ESR: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3

IRC: mIRC #DreamHack.Quake, mIRC #leveluptv
Official Links: ESR DreamHack Summer 2012 Coverage post, Tournament website, DHS12 Brackets