The recent QL update brought quite some changes to bloodrun. I updated the spawn visualization:
- new version
- old version

As you can see there are now 13 spawns instead of 9, which reduces the probability of spawn prediction from 20% to 14%.

What's more important is how the current layout affects the spawn control.

New spawns:
- Three spawns have been added to the back of the map (PG/50hp rooms)
- one spawn in the RL room.

Changed spawns:
- The SG spawn (symmetric to the tele exit) has been moved to the RL stairs.
- 2 RG spawns moved slightly closer to mega to make sure they are not picked.
- GL spawn moved so it is less spammable from RA.

Effect on Spawn Fragging:
- From mega, you can no longer spawn frag the two RG spawns. You can still spawn frag the RL room, just with lower probability.
- From the RL room, you can only spawn frag if you are at the shards stairs, shooting at the bumppad spawn.
- From the GL platform you no longer can spam the SG spawn (moved), and have a 57-43% split between PG and RL room, depending on how you position yourself.
- You can spawn frag the new 50hp spawn coming from the lg bumppad.
- The new lower PG spawn (at the bumppad door) can be spammed from the teleport exit, and possibly rushing from 50hp room (you need to be outside 50hp room at spawn time and rush in).
- If stading at LG, you now have 71% chances of the opponent spawning in RL room.

This is all I got so far.