boOgyman / complexity / symmetry / symm_ / Fury / yruf / buu_ EXPOSED

this guy is symmetry who was also previously banned on his accounts for "third-party software". here's a condump of extremerz (who's close friends with symmetry) confirming that its him
foo greatfoo: so boogyman is symmetry
AngelMeat was railed by cowdamage
Extremerz: yeah
Extremerz: everyone knows that lol
foo greatfoo: symmetry is also fury?
Extremerz: and yruf yeah

Here's some more screenshots in-game of extremerz confirming that boogyman is Fury, symmetry, as well as complexity:

Also, if you go on his yruf profile, you can see that it says he used to be a former Q2 player as well. superjake also happened to play Q2 and remembered him from back then:
[19:26] <great> symmetry = fury?
[19:26] <great> how are u sure
[19:26] <superjake> yup
[19:26] <superjake> 100%
[19:26] <superjake> fury is an old q2 friend
[19:27] <superjake> I asked why his account is banned and he said he didn't know why, but gave me his other aliases
[19:27] <superjake> and I asked why buu_ is banned... same answer
[19:29] <superjake> so I talked to some olderschoolers who we all clanned with, I guess I was in the dark cuz infamous said he always thought fury hacked
[19:32] <superjake> fury (real name dan) said he doesn't know why his alises got banned yet look at his acc on all his accounts
[19:33] <superjake> he was never that good, he was good.. but never THAT good

imurQ / booz / smf>swoosh / nice_ / fi.bliss EXPOSED

Effortl3ss EXPOSED
in addition to the information already confirmed here, http://exposed.freeforums.org/effortl3ss-jehy-t4.html this is just more on effortless admitting to just "trying" QLhook out in IRC which i guess is supposed to be OK. due to the lack of anticheat and no official statements from ID regarding its progress, this is just one example of the mindset alot of hackers in the game have today:
[21:05] <@great> effort u used qlhook?
[21:05] <+Effortl3ss> i said i tried it
[21:05] <+Effortl3ss> i dont USE it
[21:05] <@great> so trying free hacks are ok?
[21:05] <@great> lol.
[21:06] <+Effortl3ss> how do you accuse someone of a hack
[21:06] <+Effortl3ss> if you dont know how it works?
[21:06] <+Effortl3ss> ive played quake for like 9 years
[21:06] <+Effortl3ss> you really honestly think i want to hack
[21:06] <@great> u did hack
[21:06] <+Effortl3ss> ive played competatively
[21:06] <+Effortl3ss> umm no i didnt
[21:06] <@great> u used qlhook, yes?
[21:06] <+Effortl3ss> LOL
[21:06] <+Effortl3ss> for a day
[21:06] <@great> oh wow
[21:06] <@great> thats longer than vault69
[21:06] <@great> grats
[21:06] <+Effortl3ss> ive already said i tried it
[21:07] <@great> so did vault69
[21:07] <@great> so did fudge
[21:07] <+Effortl3ss> ok
[21:07] <@great> alot of people just "tried it"
[21:07] <@great> lol
[21:07] <+Effortl3ss> do you want my demos
[21:07] <+Effortl3ss> lol
[21:07] <+Effortl3ss> ive already asked people if they want them
[21:07] <+Effortl3ss> no one does
[21:07] <+Effortl3ss> ./fail
[21:07] <@great> no, dont need demos since everyone already knows u hacked
[21:07] <+Effortl3ss> ok
[21:07] <@great> from here on its just gonna be a slippery slope for u
[21:07] <+Effortl3ss> bro
[21:07] <+Effortl3ss> this games dead
[21:07] <+Effortl3ss> LOL
[21:08] <@great> why are u still playing it then?
[21:08] <+Effortl3ss> i can still play it for fun
[21:08] <@great> so u enjoy hacking in a dead game?
[21:08] <+Effortl3ss> are you ray?
[21:08] <@great> ur alot like lexor.
[21:08] <@great> are u lex?
[21:08] <@great> xhil that u?
[21:08] <+Effortl3ss> I just said I've played this game for 9 years
[21:08] <+Effortl3ss> I'm not some random that came from ql
[21:08] <@great> lexor has been playing for 10 years whats ur point.
[21:09] <@great> u hacked end of story.


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