First of all, let me introduce myself: I'm brazilian, Control & Automation Engineer , and I play Quake since 1997, starting from Quake 2. I've always played as Nohead (nhd), and started on Quakelive on early 2010 using Flesh1 as a new nick - in honor of D11-Thresh.

On Quake2 I've won every national tourneys (duel, carena, tdm, ctf) I've joined. I've also joined CA QW tourneys, which I've won too. I've started playing Quake3 a little later, cause I've got no money to buy a computer that could run the game properly, but I've won every team competition (carena and tdm) anyway. I've also helped my friend Reef on duels trainning., one of my clan's founder, within my brother. Reef won a Q3 CPL, playing the finals against Fatality, on the top of his career.

I consider myself a privileged player, cause since 1997 I've played in LANs with my brother Klauz (Klz), which gave me an advantage on the other players here in Brazil.

Klauz has an similar history, the only difference is that we didn't joined the same duels championships - excepting Quake 4 ESWC 2007 BR Qualifier (on LAN), when we played against each other on the semifinals. He won the 1st place, and I was the 3rd.

Now the problem appears, when on 2010 I've started playing Quakelive online in Argentina and Chile servers, since we don't have brazilian ones. I was entering in a world where nobody knows me, despite of all my experience - I've never played in other countries before, because Brazil couldn't provide an internet bandwidth to do so.

I've started playing duels with 70ms ping, approximately. Since the beginning I could win the best players from Chile and Argentina on Quake3 maps. In few months, I've learned some Quakelive maps and then I've started winning on these maps too, approximately 70-80% of the times. Today (when I was banned) I was on top 10 of QLrank with 2160 ELO-points.

I think all of that aroused the fury on the local players - they weren't used to lose, I guess. Then, they started claiming and accusing me to be a cheater. Most of then even refused to play against me.

Since then, I've started to record my games and publish them, being transparent. I've also recorded a video of me, playing, and published on Youtube:

It did not work.

A few weeks later, I've started losing some matches to one of the top Argentine players (R4yNOr). Then we've found out that he was wallhacking, as you can see below:

As a result, the Argentinean community turned against brazilians, mostly me and my brother, because we have unmasked their best player. I could not play on Argentinean servers any longer, being kicked by the players immediately after connecting. We've also been cursed as "monkeys", "niggers" and "apes", as you can see in:

They've asked for my banishment, and now they got it.
I've had no answer from Quakelive support about my banishment. I'd really like to have a demo or any proof against me.

As I did before, I've published some demos against the best dueler from Chile:

Here a demo from 2002:

I can publish any demo you need. I can record some videos, if you need them.

I just can't stand what's happening now. It's racism, as I can see it. And ID is collaborating with it.

I'd like to know who is FALLEN, from ID:

I'd really appreciate your help, cause I'm sure that ID banished me for my free account. As I see it, R4yNOr has a pro-payed one, and wasn't banned, was he?

I feel like a victim - a racism, pride and chauvinism victim. And Idsoftware allowed it.

One more racism image on Argentina forum: